ABU & NHK President

Ryoichi Ueda

Dear fellow ABU members and distinguished colleagues,

As President of ABU, I am deeply honored to invite you to our 56th General Assembly and Associated Meetings which will be held from November 17 to 22, 2019. And as President of NHK, I also feel privileged to be hosting this event and welcoming you all to Tokyo, a city in transformation as we prepare for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The theme of this year's General Assembly "Building Trust: Enriching Audience Experience" is timely. As the internet expands and broadcasting becomes increasingly digitized, the media landscape is changing drastically, and audiences are seeking more diverse, higher quality experiences. It is no longer sufficient to deliver content and information only through television and radio. Broadcasters must exploit multiple platforms, including social media, and provide the best possible experiences anytime, anywhere to everyone we serve. Only then can we maintain the trust of our diverse audience.

The members of our organization are very familiar with diversity. The Asia-Pacific region is home to four billion people, with a multiplicity of languages and cultures. The GA is a great opportunity to share our diverse experiences and insights and explore ways to meet the demands of this new age.

We at NHK have designed a special event for this occasion to promote thoughtful conversation and interaction; NHK Showcase will introduce our content and technology focusing on "2020 and Beyond", with various exhibitions and presentations. Through this forum, we will share our knowledge and experience with our fellow ABU members. I hope you will find it useful.

We've also planned a one-day introduction to the city of Tokyo where cutting-edge technology and traditional values exist side-by-side. We'll cruise along Tokyo Bay where you'll learn about the past and present of the city that will host the 2020 Games. This taste of Japan's beautiful late-autumn splendors will, we hope, provide a welcome respite from our hectic conference program.

"Unity in diversity" is one of the many strengths ABU is proud of. We believe it will be enhanced by your active participation and strong partnership. I hope that the 56th ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings will generate productive discussion and knowledge sharing that will make us even stronger. We are very much looking forward to welcoming each and every one of you.

See you in Tokyo!

Ryoichi Ueda
President, ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union)
President, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

ABU Secretary General

Javad Mottaghi

Dear ABU members and partners,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the most important gathering of the ABU family this year - the ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings. After nine years the GA comes back to Tokyo, to be hosted by the ABU founding member NHK. The world today is a very different place from that of nine years ago. The industry landscape has changed beyond recognition.

We live in turbulent times of disruptions. Gone are the days when, we, the broadcasters, both public service and commercial, were unique in communicating one to many. The social media is now competing for the hearts and minds of mass audiences with regards to news and information, while streaming services are fast becoming the main sources of entertainment to a growing contingent. These are testing times for many broadcasters world-wide, especially for the public service broadcasters.

The theme of the 2019 General Assembly "Building Trust: Enriching Audience Experience" cannot be more relevant. Public trust is the answer to the dilemmas faced by the traditional broadcasters today. In Tokyo decision makers and industry leaders will search for answers of some questions that can make or break broadcasting organisations in the new media age. What is it to be a broadcaster in the age of digital disruption? How to use new technological opportunities to reach traditional and gain new audiences? Are ABU members prepared to serve their increasingly media savvy and sophisticated audiences with the content they demand, on the devices they want and at the time that suites them? How do public service broadcasters stay true to their responsibility to serve the people's needs and citizens alike - and avoid falling behind technologically, journalistically, creatively and financially?

I am sure I will express the aspirations of many ABU members for this General Assembly. Like on many previous occasions we will draw strength from our diverse experiences and will collaborate for new projects and partnerships that help us to overcome the challenges of the digital age. We are also looking forward to the unique opportunity offered by our host to learn first-hand information from the work and experience of the Japanese public service broadcaster, NHK. The special NHK Showcase event promises to be an exciting learning opportunity for all of us.

Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you and your delegation in Tokyo from 17- 22 November 2019

Dr. Javad Mottaghi
Secretary - General