Special Events


“Tokyo Time Travel: Past, Present, 2020 and Beyond”
It will be a day trip from 8:30am to 4:00pm, to show you the traditional, modern, and tomorrow of this mega-city.

8:30am Bus will leave Hyatt Regency Tokyo, Main Entrance
*Please make sure to bring the following:
-ABU ID pass (please show our staff when getting on the bus)
-Dress casual! with warm clothing (light coat), walking shoes and umbrella
(It could be chilly on the sea)

Experience the PAST of TOKYO: Visit to the Edo-Tokyo museum, located in Ryogoku area, where traditional Japanese culture still remains. “Edo” is the old name of Tokyo, during the prosperous era of 17-19th Century, when Japanese culture flourished in many ways.
Take a peak of MODERN TOKYO and 2020: Take peak of the sites from the sea where the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in 2020.
PAST and TOMORROW of TOKYO: Visit to Meiji Shrine, a tranquil place in the midst of the fashionable and busy area.

4:00pm return to Hyatt Regency Tokyo.


TBS Reception

november 21

november 21

ABU Prizes Award Ceremony

abu prizes
Join us to celebrate this year’s ABU Prize winners!

november 21
2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

For details about the prizes and latest news, visit ABU’s official website.

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NHK Reception

NHK Showcase - Get to Know ALL ABOUT NHK!

NHK showcas

Sunday 17th – Friday 22nd (closed on 20th)

NHK Showcase will introduce NHK's content and technology focusing on "2020 and Beyond". The forum will serve as an event to share our experience and expertise to promote thoughtful conversation and interaction with our fellow ABU members.

Showcase 1

Sunday 17th - Thursday 21st

This is a chance to get to know more about NHK's programs and to meet our producers and directors. GA participants can drop in for screenings, presentations, workshops and networking events.

  • Meett and Greet
  • Showcase Presentation
  • Exhibitions

Showcase 2
Sunday 17th - Friday 22nd

Showcase 2 will focus on the latest technology developed by NHK. "8K Living Room" will allow delegates to experience 8K ultra-high definition images and 22.2 multichannel sound, as well as presentations of many other cutting-edge technologies such as AI, AR, and VR.

  • Exhibitions

Booth Exhibitions