Mt.FujiMt. Fuji: the highest & sacred mountain in Japan
Itsukushima ShrineItsukushima Shrine: famous for its "floating" torii gate at high tides
Himeji CastleHimeji Castle: famous for its elegant white appearance
YakushimaYakushima: Natural World Heritage famous for the 7000-year-old cedar tree
Skyscraper in ShinjukuMt. Fuji and Tokyo Skytree tower at sunset
Mt. Fuji and Sky TreeShinjuku: a pioneer of Japanese Skyscraper town
DOMONHK mascot "DOMO" awaits to welcome you in Tokyo!

56th ABU General Assembly & Associated Meetings
November 17-22, 2019, Tokyo, Japan

"Building Trust: Enriching Audience Experience"

With the media landscape drastically changing, audiences are seeking more diverse and higher quality experiences through multiple platforms.

To meet their needs, we must provide services that are: UBIQUITOUS, such as online distribution and VOD; SHARED, including social media and public screenings; ADVANCED, embracing 4K/8K, UHD and VR; RELIABLE, offering trustworthy information and emergency news; and INCLUSIVE, ensuring content for everyone.

Meeting audiences where they are is one of the most significant missions for broadcasters and an indispensable ingredient in building trust.


  • TBS


  • 民放連
  • B-SAT
  • ikagami
  • JIB (Japan International Broadcasting)
  • NEP
  • G-Media NHK
  • NHK International
  • NHK Technologies
  • TIComNet